10 Simple Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

An air conditioner works extensively in our homes for comfort and proper indoor air quality. If an air conditioner malfunctions, your comfort will decrease. In such cases, you must take proper care of your air conditioner to avoid problems.

One of the ways to take care of your air conditioner is by contacting a professional technician for air conditioner repair in Denver, CO, to maintain your system. Another way is to know and follow some simple maintenance tips that can help maintain the efficiency of your system:

Cleaning the Unit

Dirt and dust can severely damage your system. Dust settles on several parts of your air conditioner and can damage the wires. Clean your system thoroughly at least once monthly to ensure no dust settles.

A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can help regulate the proper function of your air conditioner to ensure your energy bills stay in control. It will remind you of maintenance schedules and can shut the system off when not in use. A small investment in a smart thermostat will help you in the long run.

Replace Air Filters

Air filters are the primary components in your air conditioner that purify your indoor air quality. They trap allergens, bacteria, pet hair, and dirt from the air aiding to decrease health problems. You should clean and replace them as clogged air filters can adversely affect your comfort.

Inspecting Refrigerant Lines

The coils and tubes that carry refrigerant in your air conditioner should not face any wear and tear damage. Dirt and dust on the surface of these coils lead to ice formation and even leakage in severe cases. If you notice holes in these coils, seal them yourself or contact a professional technician to work on them for you.

Checking the Condenser System

The condenser system of your air conditioner collects debris, dust, leaves, and twigs while working. Clean the system thoroughly, or you may have to contact a technician for AC repair in Denver, CO.

Using Fans with Air Conditioners

You cannot use your air conditioners the whole day for comfort as it will increase the cost of your energy bill and invite wear and tear damage. In such cases, you can use ceiling fans complimentary to using an air conditioner to circulate cool air quicker in your home.

Prevent Sunlight

If you have windows facing the sun, sunlight may enter your home, leading to your air conditioner working extra hours to decrease the temperature. Put blinds or curtains on such windows to avoid sunlight entering your home.

Insulate Your Home

There is no use in your air conditioner working for hours if the cool air seeps out of your home through the gaps in your doors and windows. Ensure that no such gaps can cause cool air to leave your home.

Use a Fin Comb

A fin comb is a useful object that straightens the fins in the condensing unit. Bent fins hinder the proper working of the condensing unit, leading to increased energy bills and other long-term problems.

Covering Condenser Unit

The condenser unit stays outside your home, which means it is more prone to damage due to trees, leaves, dust, and weather conditions. You should cover it to avoid damage.


An air conditioner has too many parts for an owner to understand and take care of. In such cases, you need a trustworthy company to help you with all aspects of your air conditioner unit.

Logic HVAC/R will offer you the best solutions to your HVAC questions and problems at affordable rates. Contact us at 720-863-7940 or email us to learn about our air conditioner installation in Denver, CO.

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