When the weather gets hot in Denver, Colorado, your AC has to work harder to meet your cooling needs. In the absence of regular maintenance, you’re more likely to experience a failure of your air conditioning system. As a result, you’ll end up with high repair or replacement bills.

Several things can go wrong with your air conditioner due to its complex work, which is why maintenance is so important to keep everything in check. Continue reading for more information.

Problems With Air Conditioning Systems Include:

• Refrigerant leak
• Malfunctioning sensor
• Issues with drainage
• Having dirty air filters

Keeping your air conditioner well-maintained can help you avoid problems like these. Periodic maintenance and tune-ups at the beginning of summer can ensure everything is running smoothly. It will help you maximize your comfort and reduce your energy bill. Maintaining your unit may also prolong its lifespan.

Here Are Eight Ways You Can Tune Up Your Air Conditioner:

Change The Dirty Air Filters.

You should turn off the air conditioner’s power at a nearby switch or the main panel. Ensure the AC filter is clean by pulling it out and checking for dirt accumulation. Ensure that it is changed if necessary. You must change your air filters once every three months with an HVAC companies in Denver.

Install A Programmable Thermostat.

You can set up a programmable thermostat to lower temperatures when needed, saving money and managing your cooling without constantly hovering over the dial. It is essential to have a programmable thermostat in today’s AC technology.

Condenser Unit Cleaning.

Keeping the outdoor unit clean is an integral part of AC maintenance. Remove larger debris on and around it, such as fallen leaves and twigs. You can even install a mesh net around the outdoor unit.

Check the Refrigerant Lines.

Inside and outside AC units are connected by refrigerant lines. Refrigerant lines can be seen on the back of the condenser unit. Check the insulation of the pipes after cleaning the condenser unit. Replace any missing or frayed parts or have an air conditioning repair service in Denver perform the job for you.

Elevate the Outdoor Unit.

Raising your condenser unit off the ground is necessary since it is outside. During AC tune-ups, check the condenser pad to ensure it hasn’t sunk too far. A level surface and an immobile unit are also required.

You Should Clear The Drains.

As your air conditioner produces condensation and water, the condensate drain fills up. You need to clear the drains by calling a trained HVAC technician to avoid further problems.

Be Sure to Check for Leaks.

It is not possible to perform AC maintenance at home. A professional should service your AC unit if you detect a leak in refrigerant lines or ducts. If tune-ups don’t fix this issue, you need to call an air conditioning installation service in Denver to replace it.

Make Sure the Fins Are Fixed.

There is a risk of these delicate metal pieces being bent. Make sure a trained technician straightens the condenser fins to ensure they are working properly.

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