A Step by Step Guide to Buy A New Furnace? 

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When the winter rolls around, there is nothing more important than an effective home heating system. That is why, while buying a new furnace, it is essential to take enough time and learn about different options available for you in the market. If you want to make a significant purchase, it is always better to consult a professional Furnace Service Denver for guidance.

Here We Have Listed A Few Steps That Will Lead You to A Great Furnace Buying Experience 

We tried to narrow the range of your furnace options to make it easier for you while make a choice. Thus, while shopping for a new furnace, consider these few points:


Some furnace types work better than others depending upon the climatic condition. You must prefer buying a furnace that has an Energy Star certification, which is given for the best efficiency and savings.

If you stay in a mild climate, your furnace should have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE)of a minimum of 80. These furnaces are designed for milder zones and are more efficient than other furnaces. You can also have a heat pump to save on energy costs.

In cold or freezing climates, the AFUE of furnaces should be 90 or higher.

Type of Furnace 

Gas furnaces are the most common device, which come in three forms.

Single Stage

A single-stage gas furnace has a gas valve that opens and closes. And you can experience the gas flow at only a high rate in a single-stage gas furnace.


You can adjust the flow of gas from high or low for better efficiency in a two-stage gas furnace. Your home thermostat can communicate with your furnace and regulate the temperature.

Modulating Gas Furnace

This type of gas furnace heats most precisely and is influential among all the gas furnace types. Choose a modulating gas furnace if you stay in a colder climate and want to regulate your room temperature evenly and efficiently.

Other Available Furnaces Are:

Fuel Source

As gas is readily available, gas furnaces are cheap to buy and easy to install. If you have an abundant gas supply in your area, you can choose to buy a gas furnace. But if you’re looking for the cheapest solution, you can readily go for buying an electric furnace. But electric furnaces can’t heat large rooms very well and cost you more while operating.


You need to take care of the size of a furnace while buying one. A small furnace cannot heat your entire room. And the furnace which is excessively big will waste money on fuel and will produce heat you don’t need. Ask a professional heating repair in Denver, CO, to evaluate your home and determine the best size of furnace for you.

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