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Keeping your home or commercial building cool and comfortable is essential and for that, you need a reliable air conditioner. If your current AC isn’t able to keep up with the demands you place on it, or if it’s simply reached the end of its useful life, replacing it is a wise move. Besides making everyone feel more at ease, a new air conditioner can help save you money now and in the future. When it’s time for Air conditioning installation Denver, CO, relies on the fast, professional service of Logic HVAC/R of AC installation &  AC repair Denver.

Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

A new air conditioner is a fairly large investment and you want to make sure it’s necessary before you take that leap. We understand that, and we’ve got a few tips that will help you determine whether it’s time for a new air conditioning installation  Denver CO and the surrounding areas. Some things to consider include:

The Age of Your Air Conditioner

Both residential and commercial air conditioners generally last for somewhere between 15 and 20 years. As the AC ages, however, it becomes less efficient and could need more repairs. A good rule of thumb is if your unit is more than 10, it’s a good idea to consider replacing it.

Your Monthly Energy Use Is High

Air conditioners that aren’t working at peak efficiency use more energy than they should, resulting in high energy bills. A new AC can help reduce your energy consumption and lower your monthly bills. Those savings can easily translate into a fast return on your investment.

Your Air Conditioner Can’t Keep Up

If your air conditioner isn’t able to adequately cool your entire home or building, it needs to be replaced. This can happen if the AC isn’t sized properly, which makes the unit work harder than it should. A properly sized unit will keep every room and area cool and comfortable.

Proper Air Conditioner Installation matters!

Amana | Prescription For Comfort | Commercial

ASXC18 – Air Conditioner
ASXC18 – Air Conditioner

ASXC18 – Air Conditioner

High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

  • UP TO 19 SEER
  • ComfortBridge™ technology compatible
  • High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Scroll Compressor

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