Check Out the Various Types Heater Repair

What if, in unforeseen circumstances, your heater suddenly breaks down or is not performing well? It’s easy to become frustrated at the lack of comfort in your home.

It is not always necessary to repair only due to system failure; minor performance issues can also indicate the same. Many of these problems can be addressed by HVAC companies Denver technicians.

The first thing to consider while buying a heater is whether you need a gas heater or an electric heater.

Powered by Gas or Electricity

  • Electric heaters: For enclosed areas, portable electric heaters are better to buy as they are cheaper also. Reverse cycle split systems are great for open spaces and are the most energy-efficient heaters if they have a good star rating.
  • Gas heaters: They include variety.
  • Flued or unglued
  • Portable unflued gas heaters

Gas heaters are usually cheaper to run than portable electric heaters.

Types of Heaters

Portable heaters that plug into power and can be moved from one place to another includes:

  • Radiant Heaters: Usually the cheapest heaters to buy and heats instantly.
  • Quartz Heating element: Having children or pets at home, you have to be careful as it has one or more flowing tubes behind a metal grid.
  • Ceramic Heating Element: Generates instant heat from a broader range of areas than quartz models.
  • Oil column: These heaters are safer than Quartz heaters, and the oil inside the column heats up slowly.
  • Fan: Fan heaters have heating and cooling and are helpful in a small room or one person.
  • Convection heaters: Generate warm air that rises well for low ceiling spaces. Panel heaters have a narrow design, saving space in small rooms, but running costs can be high.
  • Electric fire effect: Produces fire flame effect with a flick of the electric switch with no flue requirement.

Gas Heaters

  • Flued: Flued heaters push emissions outside via a tube, and some have fans circulating the hot air around the room.
  • Unflued: Portable and runs on natural gas or LPG.

Heating And Cooling

For you to keep yourself warm in winters and cool in summers, consider:

  • Latest portable fan heaters with heating and cooling settings.
  • A reverse cycle portable air conditioner that heats and cools and can be moved around easily.

Signs Your Heater Needs a Repair

  • Lack of hot air
  • Heater not serviced for almost one year
  • Heater being old for 7-8 years
  • Inadequate airflow
  • The sudden increase in energy bills
  • Heater turning on too frequently
  • Heater making strange noises
  • Automatic shutdowns

If you ever suspect that your heater needs a repair, do address it before it worsens. Our technicians are highly trained, licensed, and constantly evolving their knowledge to keep up with the latest HVAC industry. In 90% of cases, one can do heater and furnace repair Denver at first only.

Areas we provide service in:

Our team is ready to bring the best home comfort service with the best heating, installation, heating repair Denver CO maintenance service.

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