Logic HVAC/R Tips to Buy the Most Energy Efficient Heating System for Your House 

Everyone is talking about minimizing their carbon footprint and reducing energy use. And every concerned consumer Is looking for energy-efficient heating systems to warm up their home ambiance.

Though every heating device will lose its efficiency with time, and you need to get at least one furnace repair in Denver every year, buying an energy-efficient furnace is necessary. Because home heating systems consume more than 60% of your monthly energy expenditure.

A Few Benefits of Having an Efficient Home Heating System

  • Energy-efficient heating systems are eco-friendly and healthier for the environment
  • You can reduce the energy consumption and operating costs when the home heating system is energy efficient
  • You can have even warmth during the chilliest days of the winter
  • They require minor furnace repair in Denver to stay in shape

How to Get the Most Efficient Home Heating System? 

All the HVAC companies in Denver promise to manufacture the most efficient home heating system. But you need the one that suits you perfectly. In this article, we will compare the heating systems by their annual fuel utilization efficiency or AFUE.

This stands for the percentage of fuel your system can transform into usable heat for your home. If you want an energy-efficient heating system for your home, the AFUE rating should be 90 or more. A higher annual fuel efficiency indicates that your system will waste minimal heat.

Three Most Popular Home Heating Systems

Heat Pumps 

Unlike furnaces, you can’t expect a heat pump to produce heat. Instead, they will collect the existing heat from the air. Heat pumps can reduce your monthly heating costs, but installation and repair costs are higher than a furnace installation in Denver. Heat pumps can be a tremendous backup heating source when your temperature goes down.

Forced Air Furnace 

Forced air furnaces heat the air and then circulate the warm air throughout your home. The devices use natural gas, wood, heating oil, or electricity as fuel. Forced air furnaces are capable of providing instant pleasantness and even heating throughout your home.

As the device relies upon fossil fuels, you need to connect to a nearby gas supply line or oil. An electric furnace is much safer and cleaner. Still, you might not get as much cost efficiency as you expect since an electric furnace will need a considerable amount of electricity input to match your heating expectations.


You can also call them heat exchangers. This device circulates the warmth of boiling water or burning gas through several pipes and warms your home. A boiler can produce better indoor air quality as it contains fewer allergens. But boilers are declining in popularity as an effective heating system since the installation and design costs are significantly more expensive than other options.

Which Heating System Is the Best for You?

If you expect an overall efficiency in terms of high AFUE rating, cost, etc. You can take a look at some of the most prominent brands of home furnaces. A highly efficient home furnace will use the least fuel and have several models you can choose from. Logic HVAC/R deals with a significant HVAC contractor in Denver, and we can help you take the proper steps forward. Call for details at (720) 863-7940.

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