New Air Conditioning for Old Houses

Replacing and installing a new air conditioning system inside your old house is tough since nobody wants the massive drilling and basketing efforts on the walls. It also affects the overall look of the room, and the walls would need repainting. The ductworks need the removal of a specific wall area to connect the external compressor unit and the inner wall-mounted unit, which blows the cold air inside the room.

The exteriors also need carpentry efforts such as mounting a supporting structure to place the compressor and the pipe filled with wires and one water drainage pipe to remove the humidity inside the compressor.

Why You Need New AC Installation?

Old houses usually have those traditional window AC that is loud and noisy, and as they get old and depreciated, the cooling level decreases. A new split AC system requires minimal effort and involves single drilling for connecting the inner vent and the outer compressor. They do not require bulky ductwork.

However, replacing them with a new split AC requires filling up the duct area and retrofitting the whole wall as per the interior, which is tiresome and time-consuming. In these cases, the best possible way is to leave the old traditional ductwork AC as it is and install an HVAC or a split AC system using the ductworks of the old window AC. This will save the cost of removing it, refilling, and finishing up the ductwork into a single wall. You can also get air conditioning repair in Denver.

The HVAC system is minimal and uses less space. You may need some vent work done for it, however, this can be installed easily. It makes less noise compared to the old traditional AC systems and consumes less electricity. It is centralized and purifies the air as well. The whole HVAC system of the home can be controlled by a single thermostat installed in a wall removing the cumbersome remotes which get lost or broken at times.

HVAC systems, however a bit expensive yet in a longer run, are energy efficient, meaning it brings down the overall electricity cost, user friendly, qualitative, and useful. You need not worry about the heating and cooling requirements for at least a decade if you invest in an HVAC system. They also take care of the heating requirements during the cold days of winter, saving the cost of buying, installing, and repairing/servicing the individual heating system.

Benefits Of New AC Installation:

A split AC is a relatively cheaper option if your house is of a smaller size. As mentioned above, split air conditioners require less effort in air conditioning installation in Denver and are cheaper than HVAC systems. They are user-friendly as well and are less noisy than the old window AC.

The compressor unit can be installed outside the house as well, which requires a little bit of effort in the wiring, which is more viable than removing the whole duct. Hence, the noisy compressors stay away and keep the room peaceful. However, they take care of the cooling requirements, so buying a separate heater is necessary during winter and the peripheral installation.

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