What could go wrong With My Air Conditioning Unit?

What Could go Wrong With My Air Conditioning Unit?

There can be many reasons why you might be wondering what could be wrong with your air conditioner. You cannot exactly pinpoint the actual problem in your AC unit until you get air conditioning repair Denver

However, getting to know about some of the most common problems that an air conditioner can face could be helpful. This knowledge will let you diagnose simple issues and fix them yourself. Additionally, you can assess how severe the damage is and call for an expert.

In most cases, the problem with your air conditioner could be a common one. Only in a few cases, the issues could be severe, which might need component replacements. Here are the following some of the issues that you need to know about.

Air Conditioning Repair

Blockage in Air Filters

The air filters play a vital role in the functioning of your air conditioner. These filters block out dust and debris that could enter the inside unit of your air conditioner. With this, the airflow is kept clean and hygienic.

Therefore, these filters need to be cleaned every 1-3 months. IF they are not maintained cleanly, the dust and debris accumulated on the filters can enter the inside unit and could damage the fan.

Additionally, the dust blocking the airflow inside the unit causes the air circulation to drop. Due to this, the unit works overload to keep your room cool which will decrease its efficiency and increase your power bills.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant fluid in your air conditioner is responsible for cooling the air in your room. This fluid absorbs heat from the air and returns cooled air to flow through your room.

If there are any leaks in the refrigerant then your air conditioner will struggle to keep your room at the set temperature. Hissing and bubbling sounds are a sign of refrigerant leaks. These sounds are caused by the air that is entering the refrigerant lines and by the refrigerant escaping into the atmosphere.

The overall efficiency of the system will drop due to these refrigerant leaks. If left unattended, this problem could make your unit slow and over time your air conditioner will be unable to coll at all.

The Thermostat Settings!

It could be tempting to lower the thermostats’ temperature setting when the heat wave hits us. Some people even set their thermostats to the lowest possible temperatures. This is a big mistake.

Any air conditioner cannot cool down to a temperature of more than 20 degrees. If you lower the thermostat to anything under that, then your system could get into trouble. Be quick to call for air conditioning installation Denverif you’ve set the thermostat to an average setting and the unit still doesn’t work.

Moreover, not changing the thermostat battery could cause the fan to not follow your commands. Be sure to replace these batteries regularly. 

If these aren’t the issues with your unit, call us at 720-863-7940 for AC repair & furnace service Denveror any other HVAC needs and our experienced technicians will be at your doorstep.

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What could go wrong With My Air Conditioning Unit?

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