What to Know Before Upgrading Your Historic Home’s HVAC System?

Owning a historic property is a unique experience with both advantages and disadvantages. Recreating old residences’ quality, charm, and craftsmanship is impossible. Each residence has its unique characteristics such as crown molding, original floors, and handcrafted, built-in bookcases, which make historic homes appealing. However, homeowners are frequently dazzled by the allure of owning a piece of history and often overlook the difficulties with historic properties.

Many historic homes require new plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems from professional HVAC companies in Denver to be safe, convenient, and code compliant.

Things To Consider Before Upgrading The HVAC System In A Historic Home

Do Not Alter Historic Buildings

In the same way that you must be inventive to avoid slicing through the façade of a building, it requires some expertise to discover solutions that prevent modifying the architecture in a project to conserve historic buildings.

You should avoid the following wherever possible: lowering ceilings, blocking window openings, hiding historic features, and changing areas to accommodate HVAC equipment. There is typically a method to do without ruining the original building if you are inventive.

Identifying The Optimal System For The Structure:

True for all structures; there is no ideal system for all circumstances because they are constructed differently. In contrast to the modern architecture for which most HVAC systems are designed, historic buildings’ unique and archaic construction makes it more challenging.

Before considering air conditioning installation in Denver, the facility’s function must be identified. If it is to be a museum, specific climate control systems will be required to conserve the items; if it is to be used for commercial or residential purposes, renovations and features may be more flexible. It is important to complete the task with minimum impact.

Afterwards, throughout the design phase, internal temperatures and humidity levels must be routinely monitored to complete the assessment of the structure. Additional elements are needed to enhance energy efficiency and preserve the structure.

When Should Your HVAC System Be Replaced?

Since upgrading the entire system is a significant undertaking, you should consider doing so during a house renovation. During the installation procedure, the crew will require access to the roof, floor, and walls which may compromise their structural integrity. Your specialist may work with you to determine the optimal time and way to replace your HVAC system with minimal inconvenience and air conditioning repair in Denver.

Do Not Introduce Water That Can Deteriorate Older Structures:

As part of a project to maintain historic buildings, HVAC retrofits or replacements require the skills of HVAC companies in Denver. Choose a company with experience working with older structures since improper installation could result in condensation, causing structural damage to a historic building.

Leaks can discolor walls and ceilings, and unchecked humidity can harm expensive woodwork and finishes.

Do Not Skip Regular Preventive Maintenance:

Investing in HVAC preventative maintenance is a wise decision for any business, but it is essential for businesses located in historic structures. Not only are the effects of a breakdown more severe, but the expense of air conditioning repair in Denver may also be higher due to the difficulty of accessing equipment and ventilation systems without damaging building finishes.


If you are considering an HVAC system upgrade, call Logic HVAC/R for the best services available. We will treat your historic property as your most valuable asset and provide the highest quality services, such as air conditioning installation in Denver, to prolong the life of your structure and its systems.

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