Gerardo Garcia, CEO of Logic HVAC/R

Let me tell you a little about Gerardo Garcia; he is one of the Logic HVAC/R Co-Founders. Gerardo wears different hats with many responsibilities which play a role in Logic HVAC/R growth. His proud achievements are many, but he can say starting and funding Logic HVAC/R with his partner Jesus Diaz has been hands down on the top of the list, second to his family. Gerardo love’s keeping the work environment fun and interesting to where learning every day is inevitable; those are the joys of working day in and day out with his peers and friends.

There’s no doubt when it comes to working; there’s always 100% given just as how he, in return, loves his family and friends by showing them a good time having cookouts or venturing out and exploring new fun activities whether it is playing in the sand or the water with fun water toys or just camping in the rocky mountains enjoying mother nature.

Thank you


Contact: (720) 507-0822

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